//Athato Brahaman Jigyasa //
Come, now begins exploration into
The Ultimate

Let us build a disease free society through

//Athato Brahaman Jigyasa //
Come, now begins exploration into
The Ultimate

About Us

Welcome to International Association of Yoga - (IAY)

International Yoga Association representation in major countries of the World, with an academic council of highly qualified Yogis for authentic Yogic reviews.

  • Research or new explorations or new findings in Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Vedanta, and Spirituality.
  • Peer Review of Certifications and/or Accreditations, teachers, schools, associations, and universities in the field of Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Vedanta, and Spirituality.

Illness to Wellness Through Yoga.

Benefits of Membership

We Welcome you to be part of our goal:

"Build a disease free society through Yoga."

  • Represent International Association of Yoga in your country/area/region as a representative/member.
  • Get higher recognition in the International Community . Yoga community / Society. Certificates will be issued to the Members.
  • Special Yogi Awards are conferred to eligible and experienced candidates for their devotion / dedication and services of mankind through Yoga, Meditation, Yoga therapy and allied fields.
  • Members will be on the path for recognition as a true Yoga aspirant and becoming an inspiration for other people who need Yoga in their life.
  • Representation of Yoga to the community leaders or higher or government authorities.
  • e-Newsletter with latest research, developments in the field of yoga. Members are also invited and can contribute to the Newsletter. 
  • International Yoga Conferences, Yoga Therapy research programs or events or seminars or programs will be organized from time to time for awareness and meeting the mission by association, members will get up to 50% discounts or complimentary passes.
  • Review or approve or suggest Yoga Courses run by various Yoga Schools, Colleges, Universities, or Organizations all over the World by Academic Council of Association of highly qualified Yogis who are well versed with original Sanskrit Scriptures and authenticity of Yoga. After proper review courses can be recognized / approved / modified, so that common people can really benefit from the genuine yoga practice.
  • Qualified members can apply as a member of the Academic Council or Advisory Board.
  • Special Privileged members will get preference and privilege in representations in various areas of the life.
  • Raising a strong voice of Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Vedanta and spirituality for the wellness of mankind. Members will promote the common aims of the Association.
  • Benefits are subject to standard terms and conditions laid down in the charter of the Association.
  • Voting rights are reserved for Life members/founding members.
  • Assist, guide, mentor various research projects in the field of Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Ayurveda, Vedanta, Spirituality and other related fields for the wellness of mankind

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